The Watercolors of John Marin and Charles E. Burchfield: Masters of the American Medium

19 March - 24 April 2022

Carol Corey Fine Art is delighted to present The Watercolors of Charles E. Burchfield and John Marin: Masters of the American Medium. The exhibition will include a selection of watercolors by these two artists, ranging in date from 1915 to 1937.

During the second half of the nineteenth century, watercolor painting—once considered a medium best suited to amateur artists and preliminary studies—developed into a significant force in American art. By the turn of the century, the increasing popularity of watercolor painting – its boldness and directness –led many critics to proclaim it to be the “American Medium. Working in a wide range of styles and motifs, artists produced watercolors of technical brilliance and captivating beauty that pushed the boundaries of the medium and positioned watercolor at the leading edges of American art. In the 20th century, the next generation of watercolor artists – Charles Demuth Edward Hopper, John Marin and Charles E. Burchfield among them – adopted and furthered the remarkable reputation of watercolor and played a pivotal role in the progress of American modernism.