She then turned away.: Curated by James Salomon

10 June - 9 July 2023

"It's not that you have to achieve anything, it's that you have to get away from where you are."

– Marguerite Duras, The Lover

"Loneliness can be unbearable, especially when we are not alone. It had been a long, rugged journey, she dropped her bags on the rug to sit on the sofa. It was the second Saturday of the month, and he was at the flower market. The children were at camp. A steely breeze came off the lake and in through the window. 

Normally all of these elements would invoke a calmness within, but with all that has happened, she couldn't help but stare into the distance as gentle tears rolled down her cheeks. After a good moment, she began to turn her head slowly around the room. The furniture, the paintings, the objects... each piece was deeply embedded into her worldliness, her many lives. Objects sometimes keep us warm with the memories that glow within...."




Artist list (in formation)

Achille Salvagni
Alexis Rockman
Barry Blitt
Cynthia Wick
Dozier Bell
Fabio Gnessi
Fitzhugh Karol
John Gordon Gauld
Kara Walker
Mark Mennin
Ned Smyth
Nicholas Howey
Richard Pasquarelli
Roz Chast
Tim Nighswander
Tina Scepanovic
Toni Ross
William Stuart
With furniture and objects from Maison Gerard and Achille Salvagni Atelier's Aldus Collection.