Dina Brodsky is a contemporary realist miniaturist, painter and curator, known for her detailed drawings of architecture, trees, and wildlife. 


In her recent series Bird By Bird, Brodsky uses thin layers of watercolor and gouache, slowly building depth and detail astonishing in the tiny images. Brodsky’s fascination with birds has come primarily from personal experience, watching an elderly woman feed pigeons every morning over a bridge and the frequent occurrence of birds in her favorite poems. “Birds have been appearing in my paintings and sketch-books ever since I started painting,” the artist says. “I’ve included them in my paintings as stand-ins for people.” Her miniatures project is inspired by a Pablo Neruda quote that says, “Bird by bird, I’ve come to know the earth.” Brodsky says, “It’s a way of discovering the world through a single window.” (Watercolor Artist, 2018)