Lizzie Gill’s work explores the surreal moments between dusk and dawn that occur as we slip into a dreamlike state. Her compositions encompass ornate objects with dynamic loops that flicker across their fragile surfaces, creating an enchanting visual rhythm. Night blooms spring forth in a state of half-decay, in starkly lit domestic spaces. Elements of psychedelic culture combined with surrealist assemblage, invite us to imagine an alternative reality where the perceptual reversal between object and place creates new, imagined landscapes. Her delicate vessels are archeological explorations, geographic and cultural, actual and mythical, that the artist has seen and re imagined, or imagined without having seen. Gill’s large-scale mixed media paintings are layered investigations of found imagery. Sourcing references from museum archives, vintage magazines & geotags, she utilizes collage as a metaphor for material improvisation & escapism. Inspired by mise en scene, objects are placed with careful purpose, a restricted color palette sets the tone, objects appearing like apparitions insist on being looked at anew.