Book signing with Jamie Drake

Saturday, October 29, 2022 from 4 to 6 pm

BOLD: The Interiors of Drake/Anderson

Meet Jamie Drake and discover the galleries of Kent Barns
Books signed at Carol Corey Fine Art
Refreshments served at 
Kenise Barnes Fine Art and Craven Contemporary 


Drake/Anderson’s deeply informed yet accessible modernist sensibility is exemplified by eleven remarkable residences, from Manhattan to London to Arizona, in a full spectrum of rich jewel tones and textures. Incorporating art into their designs is an important consideration for Drake/Anderson. Whether creating a large focal point in a room or curating a more intimate collection of works, they create a dialogue between the art and decor, enhancing both. “An interior never looks finished without art,” says Caleb Anderson. “Its use in a room adds dynamism more than any other element....Artwork establishes mood, defines personality and impacts emotion,”

Whether refashioning a private oasis in the woods, where contemporary pieces mix with custom items of the firm’s design, or bringing a stately 1910 house fully into the present by amalgamating the owners’ antiques with modern and contemporary art, Drake/Anderson embraces a dynamic eclecticism all its own.

Gallery artists Elise Ansel and Matthias Meyer are featured in BOLD.

October 29, 2022