New book by Roz Chast

I Must be Dreaming

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Release date: October 24, 2023.


Roz Chast's new graphic narrative, explores the surreal nighttime world inside her head.

From ancient Greeks, modern seers, Freud, Jung, neurologists, poets, artists, shamans, humanity has never ceased trying to decipher one of the strangest unexplained phenomena we all experience: dreaming. Now, in her new book, Roz Chast illustrates her own dream world, a place that is sometimes creepy but always hilarious, accompanied by an illustrated tour through “Dream-Theory Land” guided by insights from poets, philosophers, and psychoanalysts alike. Illuminating, surprising, funny, and often profound, I Must Be Dreaming explores Roz Chast's newest subject of fascination, and promises to make it yours, too.

March 16, 2023