Matthias Meyer: The Rug Cycle

  • Matthias Meyer, The Rug Cycle

    Matthias Meyer

    The Rug Cycle

    The rug cycle was developed as I was searching for motifs on the internet. I kept coming upon images of classic oriental rugs, again and again. I started  thinking about the strong  connection between paintings and rugs -– for example there are a lot of modern rugs commissioned by contemporary artists. And some rugs created by designers such as Jan Kath are considered works of art. 


    I decided to turn this idea around and make the carpet a subject for a painting – like a hanging tapestry. On the other hand, I didn´t want the paintings look too much like classical rugs.  I therefore broke from the symmetry and regularity of most carpet patterns. I also found it remarkable that there is a material relation between the carpet fabric and woven linen. And I  tried to create an illusion of woven material by using very broad brushstrokes, horizontally and vertically, on  the surface.

  • Individual paintings

    70.75 x 47.25 inches (180 x 120 cm)