Beginning Again: the Inaugural Exhibition

5 December 2020 - 21 February 2021

Carol Corey Fine Art is thrilled to inaugurate its new gallery space at 12 Old Barn Road, Kent, Connecticut with its first exhibition, "Beginning Again."

After a tumultuous year, we are so happy to have found a new home in Kent Barns, and to join such a generous and supportive group of galleries and businesses in the barns complex and the wider Kent community. 

"Beginning Again" marks the start of a new chapter, both literally and metaphorically. The artists included in the show are connected in their celebration of the world around them. Dozier Bell, Dina Brodsky, David Morrison and Eileen Murphy are each keen observers the natural world and their meticulous and detailed works on paper and paintings strike a poignant chord in the viewer. Elise Ansel, Andy Harper and Emily Eveleth's lush use of paint and voluptuous subject matter are seductively engaging. And Roz Chast's brilliant interpretations of the human condition are instantly recognizable and relatable.