Lisa Lebofsky: On the Horizon

23 July - 4 September 2022

Working on the silvery surface of aluminum panel, Lisa Lebofsky’s work often appears to glow as brightly as the landscapes she paints. By leaving parts of the panel unpainted, Lebofsky’s compositions seem to come alive with the shifting shimmer of the aluminum. She has applied her unconventional use of the ground to many environments; her recent travels to Antarctica, Greenland, Newfoundland and the Maldives only hint at the impressive scope of her many plein air excursions. Lebofsky has long focused on the fragility of our glaciers and coastlines in her work, painting each as they exist today with the understanding that they will change tomorrow. Possibly this fact lends added significance to her use of a reflective ground, and what it means that we can see ourselves faintly among the melting ice and receding shores. (Diana Corvelle)